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Origin: Türkiye

What is the Civan Forelock?

Yarrow, a flowering plant belonging to the daisy family, can grow in regions with temperate climates. It is known that the flowers of the yarrow plant, which is one of the perennial plant varieties, have a strong and sweet smell. It is also known as the candle flower.
Used in alternative medicine, yarrow provides many benefits for our body in different areas thanks to its rich nutritional content. It is often preferred in the treatment of wounds caused by various reasons in the body.


It helps to expel inflammatory infections in the throat area as sputum.
It helps to heal wounds and burns in various parts of the body in a short time.
By balancing the acid rate in the stomach, yarrow reduces the risk of various stomach ailments.
Yarrow, which has positive effects on rheumatism and low back pain, is also effective in relieving headaches.

How to use;

When preparing yarrow tea, first throw 3 or 4 yarrows into 1 glass of boiling water. Then let it brew for at least 10 minutes. After brewing, you can strain and consume.

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