Throughout history, spices and local flavors formed the established culinary culture of its region. In today’s world, with the globalization effect of both knowledge and cultures, culinary cultures have ceased to be regional and have created a common spice and plant usage culture throughout the world.

As Tufan Baharat, our unique spice and mixture products, which we add to the unique tastes of world cuisines, have been the pioneer and determinant in the flavor map. Our company history and experience have formed our principle of success and continuity that will extend to the future.
While more than 40 countries are proud of the cooperation, making many spices and herbs grown in Turkey easily available and preferred in the international market is important in terms of its contribution to our country’s economy and its positive impact on our global image.
As Tufan Baharat Family, we are aware of our responsibility from production to the last distributor, and our goal as an effective brand in the global market is to ensure the continuity of our success in this sector for many years to come.