Our Spices Principle

Our main goal is to provide you with a complete supply of spices. All of our resources are used in this direction. Our company, which is developing, constantly investing in people, always ahead of its competitors with the innovative products it develops, and is in a trend-setting position in its sector,
believes in strategic business partnership. For 3 generations, we have set our goal to be with our valued customers in catching the tastes needed by the time, with a solution-based approach, continuity and special productions in line with the needs of our customers.
Thanks to our principles that are the key to our success and our approach to the products of tomorrow based on innovation, we will continue to serve our customers with high performance for many years to come. ‘Natural is Beautiful’

Quality and Food Safety

Our food safety policy regarding the products produced for your spice demands within Tufan Baharat;

To protect customer health by increasing the cleanliness and reliability of our products,

To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements,

To develop and improve by aiming for the better,

To fulfill our obligations to society and the environment,

To produce within the framework of maximum hygiene rules by using high technology in order to protect and secure human health,

To preserve the naturalness of the products,

To place quality awareness in our suppliers with training and inspections compatible with our product and production quality.

Our Customer Satisfaction Goals

When it comes to spice supply, our aim is to ensure that our customers can easily communicate with us about our products, convey all kinds of suggestions, requests and complaints, and that these requests are immediately evaluated and turned into 100% customer satisfaction.

In line with this aim, we undertake to carry out the necessary improvement works in order to prevent the recurrence of dissatisfaction, within the cycle of planning, implementation, control and continuous improvement, with a customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

We are proud of offering complete products to our domestic and foreign customers for 3 generations. We have never compromised on our quality. We have meticulously adapted our production systems according to the developing technology,
but we have always preserved the tradition, aroma and taste of our spice products.

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