Before the harvest, we wait patiently for the plant to grow until its aroma reaches its most saturated level. We know that a spice can be of many different types depending on the climate and geography in which it is grown.

We carefully select and purchase the most suitable raw materials for Tufan Baharata product standards.


Fresh spice means more intense flavor. We always offer you fresh spices by processing them 100% naturally without using any additives.


As Tufan Baharat, we owe our quality to prioritizing human health.

For this, we deliver our products from our producers to our consumers by following the hygiene rules with our trained and disciplined personnel. In addition, the analysis of our raw materials during the production phase is carried out in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and quality procedure. In the light of these rules, our consumers
We bring our products, which we have carefully selected to deliver delicious and practical products, to your tables with traditional preservation methods, without spoiling their freshness throughout their shelf life.

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