Eucalyptus Leaf


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Origin: Australia, Indonesia

What is Eucalyptus Leaf?

Eucalyptus is a special plant from the myrtle family, native to Australia. The eucalyptus plant, which has more than 700 varieties in the world, finds itself among the tallest trees in the world with its height that can exceed 100 meters when the right conditions are met. It is also known by names such as malaria tree and desert currant. It provides the opportunity to be collected in all seasons.


It is said that eucalyptus has an effect that helps the treatment process in respiratory diseases. In addition, with its diuretic feature, it can be consumed both to clean the urinary tract and to lose weight in a healthy way. The energy lost during the day can be regained with the eucalyptus plant, which adds strength and vitality to the body.
If you add 1 glass of boiling water to a pinch of eucalyptus leaves and let it brew for 10 minutes, your eucalyptus tea will be ready. Eucalyptus tea; It has the feature of reducing stress, calming and relieving pain.

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