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Origin: Türkiye

Goldengrass is a type of plant with long stems and yellow flowers, which is also used as an ornamental plant. It can be grown easily all over our country and has many benefits for human health. In different regions, it can be called by different names such as mayasil grass, golden flower, sun flower and spleen grass.

Golden Grass is able to maintain its pleasant yellow color even after its flowers have dried.


It is a very effective alternative medicine source plant for digestive problems, elimination of swelling and edema in the body, regulation of body secretion system, diuretic, joint and rheumatic pain complaints. In addition, when the tea is brewed and drunk daily, it helps to lose weight and keep the weight in balance. Since it is an oil-containing plant, it has moisturizing properties and can be used on the skin for signs of aging. It has antioxidant content and therefore, when applied on the skin, it is used to tighten the skin by removing dirt and harmful substances.

How to Use Golden Grass?

Golden Grass can be used after drying. Generally, it can be consumed after the leaves are placed in boiled water and brewed. Add 1 pinch of Golden Herb to 1 glass of boiled hot water and let it brew for 10 minutes.

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