Nutmeg Powder


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Muscat is ground and made ready for use in terms of both kitchen and health.

Nutmeg with a sharp aroma is a flavor enhancer of meat dishes.


Origin: Indonesia


What is Muscat?

Also known as nutmeg. In its unground state, it is slightly larger than a large olive and resembles a walnut in color. Although the kernel and interior taste almost the same, the flesh has a sweeter and more intense flavor. It is used to give flavor to food.
It is widely used in Indian cuisine.

Nutmeg is in the category of appetizing spices because it gives a nice aroma to the dishes with its sharp taste.

If you regularly consume nutmeg, which has an antiseptic effect, in winter, your immunity will be strengthened against infectious diseases such as flu and colds. With nutmeg, you can both add flavor to your winter teas and help your body get rid of germs.


How to use?

You can also try this spice, which goes well with bechamel sauce, creamy dishes, even cakes and cookies, in pastries, muffins and salads. Dishes such as mashed potatoes, broccoli soup, broccoli salad, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower are among the dishes in which nutmeg is frequently used.

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