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Origin: Türkiye

What is Stinging Nettle?

Stinging nettle is an herb that grows natively in Africa and Western Asia. Nettle, which started to be grown in many parts of the world over time, is among the most common plants today. It grows in temperate climates, preferably in moist soil and shady areas. The stinging and itchy hairs on the living leaf are the plant’s defense mechanism. A few minutes after it is removed, its acidic surface loses its effect. The collected nettle branches are used in medicine, food and textiles. Nettle seeds are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It can be consumed by mixing with honey or yogurt, or it can be used as a tea, extract or capsule.


It cleans the body.
It prevents kidney stones.
It increases circulation and helps to clean the blood.
Relieves respiratory problems.
It is good for allergic diseases.

How to use?

Add a teaspoon of stinging nettle to 1 cup of hot water. Let it brew for 5-10 minutes. The stinging nettle is filtered and can be drunk after resting for 5 minutes. Nettle tea should be drunk without sweetening. Those who do not like its smell or taste can add a few mint leaves while preparing nettle tea.

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