Juniper Berries


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Origin: Türkiye

What is Juniper Seed?

It is known that the juniper tree is the symbol of Ashera, the god of fertility and fertility. In Western European culture, it is rumored that witches cannot enter a house where Juniper grows. In Scottish culture, it is believed that Juniper protects from evil eyes, and in Tibetan culture it expels demons.

The upper surface of the needle leaves is usually lighter in color than the lower face. The ends are penetrating, the bottom parts are wide. Cones are round and berry-looking. There are 1-10 seeds in each cone.


What are the Benefits of Juniper Seed?

It has a relieving effect on rheumatism,
It is said to be good for anemia,
It is stated that it prevents arteriosclerosis,
It helps to lose weight
It is anti-fatigue,
Helps relieve colds
It has an anti-fatigue effect.

How to Use Juniper Seed?

Its purple, blue, lilac and blackish brown fruits are used for food and herbal treatment. Today, its most well-known use is as one of the main herbs that gives its flavor to an alcoholic drink, Cin. In addition, it can be consumed as a tea or by adding dried leaves to meals.

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