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Origin: Türkiye

What Is Fennel?

The name of the fennel plant comes from the Latin word foeniculum, meaning “”short straw””. The Roman historian Pliny recorded (although he does not write how he observed it) that when snakes shed their skin, they ate fennel to improve their eyesight.

What are the Benefits of Fennel?

Fennel, belonging to the Umbelliflorae family, has long been used as a carminative and eye strengthener. Other than these, fennel is said to have digestive properties, soothing, relieving heart palpitations, increasing milk in milk mothers, relieving abdominal pain in children.

How to Use Fennel?

Many drinks such as aquavatin, gin, absinthe, fennouilette are flavored with fennel. All parts of the fennel plant that remain above the ground can be used. Fennel “seeds” are actually the fruits of the plant. The most intense aroma is in the center of the seed head. The bright green color of fennel indicates its quality. It should be stored in a closed box in a cool and dry place. Fennel, which is used to flavor dishes, can also be used in herbal teas and herbal mixtures with its effect known as a digestive aid.

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