Mallow Blossom


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Origin: Türkiye

What is Marshmallow Flower?

The marshmallow flower, which belongs to the hibiscus family, and the marshmallow flower, which grows spontaneously on the roadside, in the fields and in the mountains, the marshmallow flower, which is called Fatmagül flower, has benefits for many diseases. Marshmallow flower is a type of plant that is frequently used in herbal treatment methods. As the marshmallow flower treats many diseases, it is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.


It is used in the treatment of dry cough caused by colds experienced in winter months.
It is very effective against the flu as well as the common cold.
Marshmallow flower is mostly used because of its analgesic properties.
When consumed by people with sleep problems, it can be a solution to these problems thanks to its calming effect.
If the marshmallow flower is boiled and drunk, it increases the body resistance and protects you against diseases.

How to use?

Add 5-6 dried marshmallow flowers to 1 cup of boiled water. After brewing for 10 minutes, you can strain and consume.

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