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Origin: Türkiye

What is calendula?

Due to the fact that the plant blooms again after the seed-fixing flowers are properly plucked, this plant is named Calendula, which means the first day of the month in Latin. It is also known as the Orange Daffodil because of its orange colored flowers. However, it has no affinity with the Narcissus plant. It is from the daisy family. It is an annual, herbaceous plant that grows in almost every geography where temperate climate prevails.

Like many herbs used in alternative medicine, calendula; It is a source of vitamins and healing.


It is a tea that helps to relieve the discomfort of germ jaundice.
It helps heal any wound you may need, including insect bites, bruises, blisters, cuts and herpes.
It is also effective in treating minor burns, including sunburn.

How to use?

To prepare tea: One teaspoon of dried Calendula Herb can be brewed and drunk by adding a quarter liter of boiled water.
Sitting baths: Two handfuls of fresh or 100 grams of dried herbs can be thrown into a tub and bathed in it.

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