Cajun Spice


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye

It is used to flavor many dishes, especially breaded and fried chicken pieces (cajun fingers), chicken wings and steaks.


What Is Cajun Seasoning?

It is the most well-known variety of the Tastes of the World series. Cajun spice is obtained by combining spices such as ground pepper, black pepper, garlic, onion powder, powdered sweet pepper in special proportions. Today, it is widely used in Louisiana (USA), Cajun cuisine, Far East cuisine and South America.

How to Use Cajun Seasoning?

In addition to chicken, it is also used in meat dishes and seafood, especially shrimp, vegetables and boiled eggs. It has started to enter Türkiye cuisine by using it with chicken and potatoes. It is suitable for adding flavor to french fries.