Montreal Steak Seasoning


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Origin: Türkiye

What is Montreal Spice?

Developed from a dry rub mix used to make Montreal smoked meats, which is dried and smoked beef meat (similar to bacon). Once someone started using it on steaks and ribs, it became popular at delis and steakhouses in Montreal.

In addition to using these seasonings on steaks, consider using chicken, pork, or salmon. It’s also a great seasoning to use on potatoes, including stir-fries, baked potatoes, stir-fries, and tater tots.

It can also be used on broccoli, mushrooms and other grilled or roasted vegetables.
It is compatible with all kinds of barbecue meat. It can also be used in marinades. Montreal-style meat seasoning is a perfect match for your grilled meats and stir-fries. You can marinate your meats by blending Montreal-style meat seasoning with olive oil. You can sprinkle it over your meat while grilling.