White Tea


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Origin: China

What is White Tea?

White tea is consumed as an alternative to black tea, which is the most consumed in our country, and from cholesterol to sugar; It works in many ways from skin diseases to weight loss.
White tea is obtained by collecting the immature parts of the tea plant and drying them in the sun. White tea, unlike black tea, comes from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant. Some also call white tea unripe tea leaves. Its color is not white or colorless, it has a slightly yellow or very pale yellow color. White tea, which is milder than black and green tea, is a true tea and is the least processed. It is much richer in antioxidants than other teas.


Drinking white tea can help your body absorb nutrients more efficiently and boost your metabolism, helping you reach your weight loss goals.
White tea improves your memory. Perfect for forgetfulness!
We can say that it is very effective for dental health.
It strengthens the bone structure. It has a positive effect on rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

How to use?

While preparing white tea, first add white tea to 1 liter of water and boil it for 2-3 minutes. Let it rest for 1-2 minutes after boiling. It is recommended to consume your white tea, which is brewed for two minutes, 2 times a day.

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