Sucuk Spices


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye


Prepared for 10 kilos of beef, 800 gr Tufan Sucuk Spices brings back the delicious Türkiye sucuk taste to your palate.

Tufan Sucuk Spices; This product, which we produce by mixing delicious, fresh and additive-free spices, is delivered directly from the factory to your table in order to add a different flavor to your meat sucuk.

Sucuk spice is one of the most basic ingredients that make up the color, taste and aroma of sucuk. Sucuk paste contains spices such as salt, cumin, coriander, thyme, allspice, hot red pepper, sweet red pepper, black pepper, and ginger.
You can create unique tastes with sausage, which is indispensable for breakfast.”