Cig Kofte Spices


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye


What is Cig Kofte Spices?

It is a unique mixture that collects the spices that give its taste and aroma to raw meatballs, which is one of our traditional delicacies.

What makes Tufan Cig Kofte Spices special; spices are natural and produced from the most specially selected spices. Cig Kofte Spices are indispensable; with the addition of special isot pepper, chili pepper, cumin, coriander, black pepper, allspice and other spices.
TUFAN CIG KOFTE SPICES is being prepared. Apart from special packages, 100Gr,1,5,10,25 Kg packages and also private label production are made… Our difference is not a formula, but “to bring together the best spices” with our 50 years of experience. None of our products are unnatural substance is used.