Salt Shaker Cover Cumin


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Türkiye Cumin, whose unique aroma is hidden in the lands where it grows, is indispensable for meat and meat products and meals.

Origin: Türkiye
Net: 120 gr
In Box / Pcs in Box: 30


Usage: The best way is to use it by planting in the foods taken, 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds as powder or grain is brewed in a cup of water for 10 minutes and drunk after meals. The seeds remove bad breath when chewed.
Usage in Cuisine: It is used in meatballs, grills, meat dishes, stuffed meats, some soups. It is used in the dressing of carrot, tomato, pepper salads, in the oven, in vegetables such as fish (with rosemary, bay leaf, basil), cabbage, eggplant lentils. It can also be used for white cheese and potato dishes. All kinds of meatballs, soups, sauces, cabbage dishes; Sausages, game meat, fish that are difficult to digest such as tuna, feta cheese, potato dishes, etc. can be added.
Cosmetics: There is no place.
Additional Information: Other name; Kemnon, Persian cumin. In order to obtain a good grade of cumin, the purchased grains of cumin are sieved, the litter is removed after the dust is removed, it is rinsed under water, the water is thoroughly filtered through a strainer and then spread on a tray. In the summer season, it is dried in the sun by mixing it from time to time. If the season is winter, the cumin grains spread on the tray (separating from each other as much as possible) are dried on top of the heater, next to the stove or in the lowest temperature of the electric oven. It is stored in a jar. If the grains are not dried well, it will mold in the future. To use it in powder form, the grains are ground in the mill.”

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