Salt Shaker Cover Mint


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye
Net: 30 gr
In Box / Pcs in Box: 30

Usage : 20-30 gr in 1 liter of boiling water. mint is brewed. When taken after meals, it prevents post-meal drowsiness. If it is drunk too much, it will miss the normal sleep. It acts as an antiseptic when used externally.
Usage in kitchen: It is used in different kinds of soups (lentils, ezogelin, yayla), yoghurt sauces (cacık, haydari, etc.), all kinds of salads, stuffing. It can be boiled with lemon and used in stomach disorders. It can be added to various salads, zucchini and carrots, sauces, refreshing soft drinks and a mixture of various herbal teas.
Cosmetics: 30 gr for oily and enlarged skin. mint is brewed in 1/2 liter of boiling water, applied to the face with a piece of cotton. The same tea is used as a throat gargle. Mint is used to make toothpastes.
Additional Information: Other name: Peppermint, fulful mint. 7 types of mint grow in Anatolia. All types of mint are medicinal. Assyro-Babylonians to stomach lazy; As the Hebrews warn; the famous Dioscoride on a weak stomach; Trousseau vomits, Dr. Leclerc and Dr. Heilly used to argue that peppermint was useful in “love games”.