Product Information

Family: Labiatae

Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

English : Rosemary

Origin : Türkiye

Part Used: Part Leaves and flowers

Usage: 7-10 gr in 1/2 liter of water. Rosemary is brewed like tea, drunk before or after meals.

Use in Kitchen: It is cooked with a pinch of food in steamed fish, chicken with sauce, meat dishes, boiled meat and vegetables (pea type, casserole) and then removed. In addition, mushrooms are cooked in the same way as sauteed. It is used in potato, omelet, soup, sauce, salad, zucchini and tomato dishes.

Aesthetically: To eliminate dandruff in the hair: After washing the hair, it is rinsed with rosemary tea; It also gives strength and shine to the hair. When rosemary water is added to the bath, it invigorates the body. Rosemary tea tightens enlarged pores.

Additional Information: Other name: Kuşdili, hasalban. Raymundus Lullus obtained rosemary oil by distilling it in 1330. In the Mediterranean region of Algeria, rosemary leaves are dried, powdered and planted on the wounds of circumcised children.

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