Red Sweet Pepper Powder


Product Information

Since 1969, we have been producing Turkey’s sweetest and most natural pepper with the difference of “Tufan Spices”.

Family: Solanaceae

Scientific Name: Capsicum annum

Origin :Türkiye It grows best in Geyve region.

Use in Health: 1-2 gr. Capsicum is taken as a pill (in a capsule). It is taken in powder form by mixing it with honey.

Use in the Kitchen: It can be used in all kinds of dishes in terms of taste and color, such as salads, ravioli, Circassian chicken, eggs, Hungarian national dishes “goulash”, soups, meat dishes, some sauces, tomato sauce used in Italian “spaghetti” dishes, etc.

Cosmetics: There is no place.

Additional Information: Other name: Indian pepper, Hungarian pepper, Türkiye pepper. To prevent colds: Red pepper is cooked and eaten with an egg. To get rid of depression: (Ayur-veda: ancient Indian medicine) 1.5 gr. red pepper, 1.5 gr. Black pepper is mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey and drunk with a little milk. Red pepper, which contains more vitamin C than oranges, increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases, and strengthens our immune system with beta carotene. It promotes the formation of gastric juice and saliva, facilitates digestion, reduces rheumatism, joint and tooth pain, It relieves cramps, is used in the treatment of cancer, also increases sweating, and is good for many diseases, especially gout diseases. It is also used to relieve cough and sore throat, and acts as a natural sedative for nervous diseases.
It prevents excessive fat and cholesterol accumulation in the body.

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