Red Pepper


Product Information

Origin: Brazil


What is Red Pepper?

The most different and sweetest of the Black Pepper Family.. The sought after taste of different culinary cultures with its attractive appearance with its red peels..

Capsicum is a type of shrub plant that can grow and spread very well under favorable conditions. Also known as Brazilian or Peruvian pepper. Its vine-shaped branches have white flowers and small pinkish-red fruits. Capsicum, a tropical plant, is found in South America, the Caribbean,
It grows as a native plant species on many islands of Africa and the Pacific Ocean. It was first classified as an invasive plant species that spreads uncontrollably in Florida in 1840 by the Exotic Invasive Plant Council (EPPC).

The red kernels are not real peppers, but are used for mixed pepper seasoning or to combine with other bell peppers in exotic food presentations. When eaten alone, it has a minty taste and leaves a slightly sweet flavor on the palate. This flavor, which also feels like menthol,
It goes well with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauces.

Along with other bell peppers, it can be used to add flavor to vegetable, poultry and fish dishes, as well as added to dessert and salad dressings, chilled mulled wine and warming sherbets.


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