Glass Grinder Cup Ottoman Spices


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye

Net: 50 gr

In Box / Pcs in Box: 40



Ottoman Spice, identified with TUFAN BAHARAT, has managed to become the number 1 choice of consumers for years, not only visually, but also with its unique taste, with its mixture of special spices and herbs.

Spice mix requires a special skill, not just a job that fits in percentiles.
With our spice experience gained in more than 50 years for 3 generations, we have prepared 100% natural and best spices mixtures without using any additives or fillers on our way to produce the best ones without giving up on the principle of “the best mixtures are made from the best spices”.
We produce it and we call it TUFAN OTTOMAN BAHARATI… Our company, which also serves as a “private label” to many companies, exports to Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and many European countries, especially Saudi Arabia, with two separate special productions as Hot and Hot.
continues to be the unchanging address of taste masters for years…”