Glass Grinder Cup Mixed Pepper


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye

Net: 55 gr

In Box / Pcs in Box: 40


It is a mixture of Black Pepper, White Pepper, Red Black Pepper, Green Black Pepper.


What is Mixed Pepper?

Mixed peppers; It is formed as a result of blending black, white, green and red peppers with their fascinating combination in terms of visual, aroma and taste to add a magical touch to your meals.


It can be used as an alternative in every dish where black pepper is used. In addition to its taste, it is preferred by gourmet masters because of its wonderful appearance in dishes where pepper is added without grinding as grains.


Black, green and white peppers are grains of the same origin that naturally acquire different colors during the process of coming to the table. Pepper, which is found as green raw grains in nature, is freeze-dried to preserve its color, green when dried without freezing in the natural process, black,
After drying on the branch, it turns white as a result of pooling with water.


The red grains are the fruits of the Brazilian plant called “”Schinus terebinthifolius””. In addition to carrying all the characteristics of pepper seeds, these grains have a sweeter and fruitier aroma compared to peppercorns.”