Product Information


Family: Umbelliferae

Scientific Name: Anethum graveolens

Origin : Türkiye

Part Used: Leaves, stems and seeds (pulled or unpulled)

Usage: 1 teaspoon of seeds is brewed in 1 glass of boiling water and drunk 2-3 times a day. For hemorrhoids: 10 gr. seeds 200 gr. It is brewed in water, drunk 2 glasses a day, at noon and in the evening.

Use in Cuisine: Borscht, lamb, sauerkraut or salad, stuffing, feta cheese, zucchini, butter, rice, etc. Powdered seeds are used in cakes, biscuits and some creams. Its fresh leaves add flavor, taste and aroma to salads, meals, snacks.

Additional Information: Other Names; Durakotu, Tarhanaotu, Tereotu, Turakotu, Darakotu. It clears bad breath odor. For this, the seeds are chewed in the mouth.

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