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The indispensable flavor of meat dishes, cibrisa is the complementary spice of many mixed spices.



English Name: Cibrisa

What is Cibrisa?

Among the people, it has many names such as çibrisa, Lentil Grass, chubrika, deer grass, thyme grass, sater. Lentil grass, which is frequently consumed in Bulgarian cuisine, is actually used as a spice in Anatolian cuisine to add flavor to dishes. Appetite, stomach, indigestion reliever, gas
It is known for its diuretic properties. Known for its antiseptic effect and having a curative effect on colds, this fragrant plant is also good for tonsil and throat infections.

How to use?

Lentil grass is preferred in different meals from soup to breakfast.

You can add it to any dish you want.

You can add this spice, which is a delicious match in chicken and meat marinades, to your meat dishes.

Those who like to add spice to their salad dressings can sprinkle a pinch.

A pleasant aroma is provided by adding it to frying sauces.

You can also remember lentil grass when you want to decorate pastries and pastries.