Black Pepper Powder


Product Information


Family: Piperaceae

Scientific Name: Piper nigrum

Part Used: Fruit

Usage: To facilitate digestion, take black pepper with a sauce made with mint and cinnamon. When it is chewed as a grain in the mouth, it increases the amount of saliva. Dr. According to Bouchardat, black pepper is a snack for anemic people. 1/2-2 gr. When taken daily, black pepper is a good aphrodisiac substitute.

Usage in Kitchen: It is available in all meals and tables. It is used in vegetable, chicken, fish soups, meat sauces (barbecue), raw meatballs, meat and vegetable dishes, all kinds of meat dishes with sauce, olive oil and meat stuffing, delicatessen. Black pepper does not spoil the color of sauces.
Black pepper has an advantage over other spices that it can be added while cooking or after cooking. In fatty meats, delicatessen; It is sprinkled in sauces, salads, all kinds of salty and bland foods to add flavor and flavor.

Aesthetically: There is no place.

Additional Information: White pepper: Black pepper and white pepper are the fruits of the same tree. However, black pepper is plucked before it finds its full maturity and remains on the sheath around the seed. White pepper, on the other hand, is plucked after it reaches full maturity and the sheath around it is removed.
To remove the sheath, white pepper is dipped in sea water. The feature of white pepper does not discolor sauces like black pepper when used; It tastes and smells like black pepper.

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