Bay leaves


Product Information

Family: Lauraceae

Scientific Name: Laurus nobilis

Origin : Turkey

Part Used: Leaves

Usage: 100 g of bay leaf is boiled in 1 liter of water and drunk 1-2 cups a day. To relieve toothache, 2-3 leaves are boiled with vinegar and mouthwash is made.

Use in the Kitchen: All kinds of soups with meat or vegetables, sauces; game, fish, seafood, certain types of vegetables (when cooking), dishes with potatoes or tomatoes, etc.

Aesthetically: It is used in bathrooms and essences.

Additional Information: Other name: Tehnel leaf. In ancient Roman times, it was believed that the laurel tree protected people from lightning. This belief was so ingrained that the emperor Tiberius (42 BC – 37 AD) came to protect himself when lightning struck.
He used to put a wreath of laurel on his head and hide under the covers. Laurel oil: When you add 2-3 drops to a piece of sugar cube and eat it, it immediately softens the breast.


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