Cinnamon Powder


Product Information


Family: Lauraceae

Scientific Name: Cinnamum Zeylanicum

Origin : Vietnam

English: Cinnamon

Part Used: Bark (of the tree)

Usage: 10 gr. Cinnamon is boiled in 1/2 liter of water and drunk. Cinnamon is drunk with wine to prevent the flu.

Usage in Kitchen: It is generally used in milk desserts, salep, boza, cakes, pancakes, fruit compote, cakes, apple pie and ice cream. Cinnamon sticks are boiled with linden and cloves and drunk as a hot winter beverage.
Lamb, tas kebab, roast pork, various sauces, milk and rice desserts, chocolate cakes, tarts, punch, mulled wine, tea, etc.

Aesthetically: It is used in toothpastes and mouth odor sprays.

Additional Information: Other name: Darçın. Cinnamon was used in China 2700 years before Christ. 66 years after Jesus, Nero burned the amount of cinnamon in one day, which Arabia could not give in a year, on the day his wife died in Rome.



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