White Pepper Powder


Product Information


It is preferred especially in meat dishes because of its harder and more intense aroma and bitterness than Black Pepper.


Origin: Vietnam


What is White Pepper?

White pepper is obtained by removing the outer shell of black pepper by soaking it in water for a few days and drying it in the sun. The taste is similar to black pepper, but more bitter. It creates a pleasant burning sensation in the throat.

What Are the Benefits of Grain White Pepper?

It is a payer.
It is diuretic.
It is said to increase sweating.
It can be mixed with various spices. Thus, it can help you to make condiments or sauces according to your own taste.

How to use?

It is generally used in light-colored sauces, such as cream sauces, which do not want to change color. It is a very popular spice in European cuisine. It is widely used in fish dishes.

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