Grinder Cup Seven Kinds Of Spices


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye
Net: 300 g
In Box / Pcs in Box: 32


What are the Seven Types of Spices?

A unique blend of spices, seven kinds of spices are also known as meatball seasoning. This spice type, which is created by grinding and mixing the spices that are especially suitable for meat, adds a magical touch to the dishes. It can be used in all meat dishes, especially in meatballs, in vegetable dishes and in different recipes. The secret of making delicious meatballs is in the spice setting. Meatball seasoning, which consists of 7 different spices, is a special mixture that fully integrates the aroma balance into meatballs. In this spice, not only different spices are simply combined and mixed. The preparation and mixing ratio of all are expertly adjusted. The seven types of spices may vary according to local recipes. There are more than 300 types of meatballs in Turkish cuisine. Basically, the flavor difference of these meatballs is determined by the spices and the preparation of the mortar.

In Which Meals Are Seven Types of Spices Used?

Seven kinds of spices, known as meatball seasoning, are actually the secret heroes of many dishes. Seven spices, which are used in many dishes such as sauteed meat, chicken and vegetables, liver pate, paper kebab, sini kebab or Çiğköfte, are also used in making acuka and as a breakfast.

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