Glass Grinder Cup Vegetable Seasoning


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye

Net: 80 gr

In Box / Pcs in Box: 40


Tuzot brings together delicious dried vegetables with various spices. It brings your meals to the perfect taste. Tuzot classic seasoning includes dried carrots, celery onions, parsley, various spices and salt.

Usage Suggestions:

You can use Tuzot vegetable seasoning in all kinds of meat and meatless recipes, grain and vegetable dishes, pilafs, pastas, stuffing and wraps, pastries, appetizers and sauces. You can add the seasoning to the pot during the last five minutes of cooking to increase the flavor of your meals. You can season your meat, chicken, meatball and kebab recipes with Tuzot seasoning and prepare delicious grills.”

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