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Origin: Türkiye


What is Zahter?

Zahter adds a different flavor to the dishes with its different aroma and smell, and when placed in a bowl, it can even be consumed by dipping it in olive oil. It enriches almost all kinds of meat dishes with its aroma. It can be indispensable for salads. In addition, it freely exhibits its taste in all kinds of soups, eggplant dishes and tomato dishes. It is a condiment where those looking for different tastes can discover different tastes. As used in Antakya’s famous tray kebab, there is also a unique dish called Zahter.
It is mixed with olive oil and consumed by dipping bread. This oily mixture can also be added to salads. olive oil and zahter are served separately. Bread is eaten by dipping it first in olive oil and then in zahter. It leaves a clearer and sharper taste in the mouth.

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