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Tufan Sumak, which is indispensable with its sour taste, has been produced with the same care for years without changing its natural structure.

With its sour taste and countless benefits, ‘Tufan Sumak’, one of the spices unique to our country, is our candidate to be your indispensable…


Family: Anacardiaceae

Scientific Name: Rhus coriaceae

Origin : Türkiye

Part Used: Dried ripe fruit

Usage: Since it is not dangerous, it is brewed and drunk like a thick tea.

Use in Kitchen: It is a spice unique to Southern Anatolia. It has a sour taste and is used in salads (green salads, tomatoes, spring onions) and often in yoghurt kebabs. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is beneficial to use it in salads. It gives particular flavor to salads.
It is usually used in powder form because its hard seed disturbs the teeth. It is sprinkled on meals, usually with olive oil; the taste is sour and sour.

Cosmetics: There is no place.

Additional Information: Other name: Somak, tetri, tekri. There are many varieties of sumac; many are toxic. If the reader is to pick ripe fruit himself, he should make sure that they are of the edible kind.



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