Sultan Tea


Product Information



What is Sultan Tea?

Sultan Stream, where many delicious and useful plants and fruits are brought together, is specially blended with its valuable content befitting the sultans. Flavored with sour fruits and herbs to suit the light aroma of Ceylon tea, this sour blend is a winter tea for cold days, beyond promising a very pleasant tea time. This simple and magnificent blend of precious herbs, carefully selected and brought together, makes you feel special.

Where to use?

Consumed both hot and cold, this tea can be used in cold teas and sherbets. Thanks to its sour taste, it can harmonize well with sweets and cinnamon gingerbread cookies.
As a very valuable plant worthy of sultans, green cardamom, orange and rosehip are antioxidants and vitamin C stores. The vitamin C in its content prepares the body for winter and creates a protection shield in the cold months when the body’s resistance decreases.

How to Use Sultan Tea?

You can brew this rich mixture, in which Ceylon tea is colored with various aromas, by keeping it in boiled drinking water for 4-6 minutes. Brewing for longer will increase the aroma of your tea; however, it is useful to be in control so that the taste does not become bitter.
You can consume it as winter tea thanks to its content that prepares it for cold days. If you wish, you can sweeten it with honey or consume it cold. If Sultan Tea is drunk before going to sleep, it can make it difficult to fall asleep due to the caffeine in Ceylon tea and jasmine.