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Turmeric, which is indispensable for white meat and white meat mixtures, is also a very useful spice for health.


Origin: India
Net:110 gr
In Box / Pcs in Box: 30 
Usage: 1 gr. turmeric is boiled in 1 liter of cold water. You can drink 2-3 glasses a day.
Usage in kitchen: It is used in rice pilaf, all kinds of pasta and pastries, fish soups, mayonnaise. It can also be added to celery salads, which are grated raw and topped with bechamel sauce. In fish soup, rice, lamb, beef, cold cuts and various vegetables. In the Spanish famous “paella” with seafood; It is used in Indian spice mix called “curry”.
Additional Information: Other name: Indian saffron, saffron root, yellow dye, turmeric, turmeric. According to the therapeutic experts of India, 1 cup of fresh hot milk is added to prevent nosebleeds. Drink 2 cups a day morning and evening before going to bed. If it is to be used in children’s nosebleeds, the amount is halved.”