Love Tea


Product Information


Origin: Türkiye


What is Love Tea?
Love Tea, which contains winter herbs rich in vitamin C, is also a feast of taste that will warm you up during the winter months. Like every product in the Herbal Teas family, this love tea, which offers an additive-free flavor, will also be good for your body.

Where to use?

This special blend, which adapts to the romantic ambiance of rainy days, autumn and winter months with its rich content, is a candidate to be the flavor your palate seeks in cold weather. Combining the apple and cinnamon classic, this tea can be the perfect pairing with your cinnamon gingerbread cookies. It can be used as a natural colorant with its red color, and can be used as a decoration in presentations thanks to the pleasant plants it contains.

How to Use Love Tea?

Equipped with winter elements such as flavored fruits, pomegranate flower, orange peel and cinnamon, Love Tea can be consumed two or three glasses a day. If you wish, you can add honey to sweeten it, and by squeezing lemon into it, you can increase its freshness and vitamin C density.
It is recommended to use a quality drinking water and to rest the water for 1 minute after boiling, in order not to become bitter when brewing herbal teas. The brewing time for this special tea is 4-6 minutes.