Product Information

Family: Zinziberaceae

Scientific Name: Zingiber officinalis

Origin : China

Part Used: Root (powdered)

Usage: 5 gr in half a liter of water. Ginger is boiled in a light fire, when the liquid is reduced to half, it is removed from the fire, it is expected to warm up, and it is filtered. It is drunk 15 minutes before meals, honey can be added if there is loss of appetite.

Use in the kitchen: It can be used instead of salt in mushroom sauces and steamed fish. In addition, half of a teaspoon is added to flour and egg white sauces. It has a special taste. It is put in some stuffed meats, sprinkled on grilled meats before cooking. It is put in desserts and some dry cakes and cookies.
After the sahlep is cooked, it is poured on top with cinnamon. It is added to soups, potatoes, sausages, various stuffed meats, grilled meats, cold cuts, rice, all kinds of white cheese, various vegetables, fruit salads, various cakes and cakes. It is used to facilitate digestion, especially in dry beans. with linden
When mixed, it is the best medicine for cold and cough.

Aesthetically: There is no place.

Additional Information: According to the famous Ibn Sina (Avicenne), ginger is an aphrodisiac. Chinese medicine uses ginger for food poisoning, stomach and spleen ailments. It is included in the Indian spice mix called “curry”.