Product Information

Origin: India


What is Cardamom?

Its seeds are obtained by drying and separating the fruits. It is added to meals, especially legumes and fish. It is used as a flavoring in pudding, milk desserts, compotes, tea and coffee. It is also added to bakery products in Sweden and Finland. Indians chew their seeds to make their breath smell good.
Cardamom seeds contain resin, starch and essential oils. It is used as a spice due to its pleasant taste and smell. It also has appetizing, stomachic and gas-digesting effects. Known as “Hêl” in Arabic and Persian, Cardamom is known as “cardamom” in English and adds a different aroma to tea. Due to its special scent reminiscent of bergamot, teas with Cardamom flavor are also produced, which are called “Cardamom Tea”.

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