Trust First

Business relationship based on quality and trust in all our units is a part of our corporate culture. Maintaining the same trust in the consumers of our products and in our commercial cooperation is our most important corporate approach.

Compliance with Standards

Ensuring the compliance of all the raw materials we are producing and processing with the Turkish Food Codex is to produce in accordance with our quality assurance system

Being Ethical

We are based on our sensitivity to respect social, cultural, political and moral values, as well as protecting our law in our individual and corporate relations without compromising in accordance with both official laws and the principles of public morality.

Human First

The Tufan Spices family is comprised of our human resources, which embrace the same corporate culture and values, from production to sales, from distribution to the end user.

Our Cultural and Social Responsibility

We have adopted the principle of working both to protect our culinary culture and to promote it abroad, as well as to contribute positively to the country’s economy and the image of Turkey around the world, with quality, natural Tufan Baharat products throughout Turkey and the world.
It is also one of the issues that we attach importance to ensure that the spices that prevent the loss of nutrients in our meals and give them color, smell and flavor are easily available to everyone, and that our culinary culture, which is our cultural heritage for a healthier life, is disseminated.

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