Tufan Baharat has been operating in the fields of spice production, sales and marketing since 1969. Tufan Baharat, which continues its business life as a family company under the management of the 3rd generation, makes agreements directly with the producers and has contracted cultivation. It aims to provide first-class service in terms of quality, price and continuity to valuable companies in the country and abroad, with which it cooperates, by producing spices that are grown in the healthiest way with great care from the field to the last stage, starting from their most natural state.

The name Tufan Baharat has become synonymous with the production of Red Powdered Sweet Pepper; This pepper, produced from Bitterless Geyve Peppers, has gained a well-deserved reputation both in the domestic and international markets. In addition to Red Sweet Powder Pepper, it produces, sells and packs Red Pepper, Cumin, Mint, Sumac, Coriander, Oregano, Linden, Bay Leaf and many other spices, unique spice and herb mixtures in the plant group. Moreover Our company imports Dried Onion and Dried Garlic from India and China to Turkey, Black Pepper, White Pepper from Vietnam, Cinnamon varieties from Sri Lanka, and various spices according to the seasonal needs of the industry.

"Vision & Mission"

Tufan Baharat; to be a reliable and internationally influential brand in all areas from the producer to the consumer, to increase customer satisfaction, productivity with a pioneering approach in production and packaging innovations, from supply to production, from packaging to marketing and distribution, with the principle that the best is the most natural on the way to the final consumer. provides cooperatively.


It is a teamwork process that requires knowledge and experience. Our company has been proudly representing our country in the field for years with a professional approach in all processes from production to packaging and delivery with spices, herbs, herbal teas and unique blends of spices to nearly 40 countries. It makes private label production for many domestic and foreign brands, other than our own brands, various packaging options, mainly our manufacturer identity.

Germany, England, United States of America, Canada, France, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Kosovo, Netherlands, Belgium, TRNC, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Northern Iraq Our company, which exports spices to countries such as , Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, has succeeded in being permanent in the European market by selling spice products without compromising the service quality and principles it has been providing for years.

Bulk Spices98%
Packaged Product 92%
Private Label95%

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